Company Profile

Filco System Co., Ltd has been formally set up by a team of date center & telecom experts in 2009, to meet the growing needs of customers who require specialized solutions for their data center or computer room. Our member has more than 15 years experience in date and telecom infrastructure system accumulated tremendous experience to provide insight service level.

Furthermore, Filco System has been a leading value-added distributor of innovative and sustainable solutions for today data center & computer rooms demand. Filco System focuses on delivering high quality and reliable infrastructure solutions around the computer rooms, inside buildings, campus environments and data centers. Filco System connect worlds by providing complementary services in the areas of sales, marketing and business development, operational support, technology and logistic services throughout the supply chain, from manufacturer to end user. Filco System also aims to provide high quality standard and customized training programs for partners and end users. Filco System shares its vision and operational expertise with customers and partners. Our technology partners are leading manufacturers. Together with our partners, Filco System develops and delivers cost effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly ICT infrastructures solutions to meet today demanding environment.

Our extensive engineering and technical background, combined with years of experience, allow us to provide an unsurpassed level of independent suggestion of products, installation and after sales services and support.

Filco System specializes in providing a wide range of high quality, reliable, cutting edge, unique, cost effective and environmentally friendly infrastructure solutions, including:

Solution that we provided:

1/. Professional Equipment Enclosure Solution
2/. Clean Energy Storage Solution
3/. Sustainable Cooling Solution
4/. Power Distribution Solution
5/. Cable Bridge & Tray Solution
6/. Monitoring & Management Solution