Air Infinity

The Air Infinity is a heavy duty 24" x 24" perforated aluminum floor panel equipped with a power fan under that can adapt into virtually every access floor system ever made. With a massive 55% open area, the Air Infinity delivers over three times the cold air flow of other perforated panels along with the strength to support a static load of 500kg.

High Density Cooling - Retrofit your data center and eliminate hot spots

Air Infinity can deliver double the volume of cool conditioned air compared to standard perforated panel. It provides extra cooling to those hard to cool areas where high-density servers have created hot spots. Additionally, Air Infinity will deliver the air all the way to the top of the rack. The computer control fan speed control by EC technology (by ebmpapst) provides variable airflow to match the amount of cooling needed. Fan speed adjustment is made quick and easy from the top of the floor tile.

Air Infinity requires no down time or movement of racks for installation and one unit can provide cooling for two racks. Multiple units can be used at the same time if larger areas require additional cooling.

Air Infinity is a Green Solution. Today, many data centers are kept cooler than necessary just to handle a few high-density areas. Air Infinity can manage those hot spots without requiring an over-cooled data center.

Technical Specification

Working Temp: -10—50℃
Working Pressure: 55—74.8 kpa
Power Consumption: 0.25Kw
Voltage: 200—230V, 50Hz
Motor: EC Type by ebmpapst
RPM: 0—2000/min
Noise: <65db
CFM: Max. 2943ft3/min
Protection: Phase Failure
Dimension: W:600mm x L: 600mm x H: 250mm
Panel Loading: 250kg
Warranty: 2 years